Terms and Conditions


Use of the sauna is at your own risk. We ask that you contact your GP if at all in doubt about safely using the sauna. We advise you seek your GP’s advice if any of the following conditions apply to you (this is not an exhaustive list):

-If you’re pregnant

-If you’ve had a heart attack or stroke

-If you’re taking any medications

-If you have cardiovascular conditions, or problems

-You have epilepsy

-You have asthma or breathing conditions

-High or low blood pressure

-If you have arterial disease

-If you have joint or muscle injury

By booking a session, you’re confirming that you, and everyone in your group, has considered this advice and those detailed in our Terms & Conditions.

  • The sauna is heated by a wood-fired stove and is extremely hot. Do not touch it, other than as instructed to pour water onto the stones.
  • Children under the age of 16 are not permitted. Children 16 or older, have to be accompanied by an adult. with a ratio of two 16+ to one adult.
  • Saltbox Sauna takes no responsibility for the damage or loss of customers’ property. Please leave valuables at home.
  • If you are making this booking on behalf of a group, it is your responsibility to make all users aware of the terms and conditions and to practice safe sauna use.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who appears intoxicated, or deemed a risk to health and safety. Refunds will not be offered in this circumstance.
  • If you are running late please let us know within 15 minutes of the booking start time. Beyond this the appointment will be considered a ‘no-show’ and the time may be given to someone else so the sauna is not sitting empty.

Sauna etiquette and safe behaviour

  • Please enter and exit the sauna with care.
  • Please remove your shoes before entering.
  • Be aware that the stove reaches extremely high temperatures and should be treated with respect. Do not touch any part of it, and only pour the provided water onto the rocks as instructed by a member of staff.
  • Alcohol drug use and smoking are not allowed in the sauna.
  • Please do not use essential oils in the sauna without permission.
  • Anyone using cold water or the sea as a ‘cold plunge’ does so at their own risk. You should ensure that you are a capable swimmer and can handle being exposed to the cold temperatures, tides, rip currents and other dangers of a body of water. If you are unsure read THIS guide or contact Immerse Hebrides to hire a lifeguard for your session (additional fee).
  • Jewellery (or any metal) should be removed before entering the sauna, to prevent burning.
  • There is a ramp to enter the sauna, please note there is no hand-rail and this might not be suitable for everyone.


We reserve the right to cancel bookings at any time due to unsuitable weather conditions. We will contact you to rearrange your booking. Your safety is our first concern.

Cancelling or amending bookings

You can cancel or amend up to 48 hr before the booking. If this time limit has passed you will not be automatically entitled to a refund but please contact us and we’ll try our best to help.


Due to the nature of an outdoor mobile sauna and the locations we use, there are some areas where accessibility may need to be considered. There could be uneven ground, a distance to walk and poor lighting at certain times of the day. There is LED lighting in the sauna.


For scheduled sessions we have chosen these for accessibility and parking. Please be mindful of other car park users and don’t block exits, through-ways or any gates. In some locations you may have to walk a short distance to the sauna from the car park.