Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile barrel sauna?

A mobile barrel sauna is a wooden purpose-built sauna on a trailer that can be towed to various locations that are suitable for a car & trailer. It does not rely on any power sources.

How many people can it take?

The sauna can comfortably seat 4 adults but will take up to 6 people at one time. On scheduled sessions there will 4 places available for individual bookings. For whole sauna bookings it can take a maximum of 6 adults. For larger groups please enquire directly as part of your group can alternate between the sauna and outdoor cooling.

Is it manned?

For hourly scheduled sessions the sauna is manned by an attendant. If you have booked the sauna for private hire at home the sauna is not manned. We can supply an attendant (extra cost).

How is it heated?

The sauna is heated by a Harvia wood-burning stove and we use kiln-dried logs.

How hot does it get?

The sauna can produce temperatures up to 100 degrees celsius but we usually maintain it between 70 and 90 degrees. As it’s an outdoor sauna this can vary slightly according to wind direction and air temperature.

Are there any male or female only sessions?

For scheduled communal sessions we only offer mixed sessions. The sauna can be booked privately.

What should I wear?

A swimsuit or swim shorts should be worn inside the sauna. Hanging jewellery should be removed and avoid wearing anything with metal fasteners as this can burn your skin. No outdoor shoes are allowed in the sauna.

Are there changing areas?

Unfortunately no, most of the locations we visit do not have changing areas. For this reason we recommend you arrive wearing your swimwear and remove your clothing, wrap yourself in your larger towel carrying your smaller towel for sitting in the sauna. There is a small entry porch with hooks for hanging your towel for drying. If the sauna is hired privately the porch could be used for 1 person changing only.

What should I bring to a scheduled session?

You should bring a small towel for sitting on, a larger one for drying, some flip flops for walking to the sauna from your car and a bottle of water (not metal). You can wear your larger towel around you, flip flops and an outer coat walking to the sauna to protect you from the elements..

What will I do with my outer coat & flip flops?

There will be a storage area outside the sauna for you to leave your outer coat and flip flops. Please note there is limited space in the entrance porch and large robes cannot be stored in there. There is only enough space for towels, personal effects and drinks.

Can I bring a mobile phone?

Yes you can bring your mobile phone but it’s recommend that you leave it in the entrance porch and also on silent to respect others’ experience in the sauna on communal bookings. Mobile phones will overheat in the sauna. 

What should I do in the sauna?

Focus on breathing, the views, quiet spaces,  respect other’s silence and enjoy the views. Use the sauna as an opportunity to switch off whilst letting the heat do all the work for you.

What is the safest way to sauna?

Be hydrated before you arrive, bring a bottle of water (not metal) and only stay in as long as you can tolerate. We recommend building up slowly to no more than 15 minutes at a time. If you are new to it, start out with a few minutes or as long as you can tolerate. Listen to your body.

Is there a cooling off area?

The entrance porch is cooler than the sauna provided the sauna door is closed quickly. We have some buckets of water outside the sauna and they are available for cooling off.

Can anyone sauna?

The sauna is for people aged 16 years and over. Those with the following health status should seek advice from their GP before booking:

  • Heart conditions such as heart attack, stroke, blood thinning medications
  • Lung conditions
  • Dizziness
  • Epilepsy

This list is not exhaustive and anyone with a health condition or on any medication should seek medical advice first.

Is it safe to enter the sauna after an open water swim?

If you have been immersed in cold water for more than 10 minutes (shorter for some) we advise that you do not enter the sauna right away as this could cause dizziness and even fainting.  Longer swims require slow natural warming up and a sauna is not recommended.  A couple of minutes cold water immersion should be sufficient for the benefits of hot & cold therapy.

What are the benefits of sauna?

A sauna session can produce similar cardiovascular effects to medium-intensity exercise by lowering blood pressure, improving vascular tone and an improved heart rate. Other benefits include reduction in inflammation and and a release of dopamine which boosts mood.

How often should I sauna?

Evidence suggests that if you sauna for 30 mins in total 4-5 times per week it is the equivalent to medium-intensity cardiovascular activity. Build slowly and listen to your body.

How accessible is the sauna?

The sauna is accessed by a ramp and there is a small step to the door threshold to step over for entry. There are no hand-rails. The door width is 600mm wide. We try to setup as near to a parking area as we can but this is not always possible with certain locations. Please ask if you are unsure about anything and we will happily answer your queries.